Commemoration Day

I have chosen to write my second blog now the summer has turned slightly chillier as I have some great memories through what has been a glorious summer! This is just a snap shot of the many events….

Beaumanor Hall again provided the backdrop to the Chairman’s annual reception as in previous years proved to be yet another evening of warm sunshine in a superb setting!

Visit to Beaumanor Hall Visit to Beaumanor Hall





This was closely followed by an outstanding performance by the cast of “Annie” at the Curve. Fiona Allan the Chief Executive enthusiastically enlightened us on what is happening at the Curve and how it is progressing. A very memorable and exciting evening was had.

We attended Castle Donington’s “Music in the Park” where we were greeted by the sounds of “Radio Gaga” and for a split second images of the Band Aid Concert where Freddie Mercury stole the show sprung to mind…however it was a “Queen” tribute band! But just goes to show how good they were!! It was at that event where we were privileged to meet an extremely brave couple who very sadly lost their son the previous year and had set up a Charity in his memory called the Joseph Cooper Trust and we wish them all the very best with this.

August 4th was the commemoration day of the start of the First World War. The day proved to be a very busy one with the balloon launch from County Hall, followed by an interesting trip to Ashby Museum. It was then onwards to Wigston Records Office for a book launch and to see the trench they have constructed which is currently still open for people to view. The day concluded with a vigil at Leicester Cathedral and as many of you would have participated in, the “Lights Out” at 10pm.

WW1 Commemoration Daycommemoration day 2commemoration day 4


commemoration day 3










Princes trust logoIt’s always a pleasure to present the Princes Trusts Awards to the young people and hear their stories! I have recently attended two of them and expect more to follow.

My last blog talked about a visit to a couple who had been married for an amazing 75 years however we found a couple who had been married an astonishing 80 years!! We paid them a visit and would you believe they greeted us at the door and waved us goodbye from the door when we left! Oh and also she still cooks his lunch!

A lovely afternoon was had by all meeting the children who come over for four weeks during the summer from Belarus. One host told us that the child who she is looking after was totally overwhelmed for the first few days, having never been in a car or a café but needless to say she has got used to our lifestyle and was tucking in well to the cupcakes!

Finally I cannot go without mentioning of course Richard III. The re-enactment staged at Bosworth Battlefield was a thoroughly exciting well turned out event and we met plenty of knights in shining armour!

Bosworth Battlefield re-enactment








Only a couple of days later we made a trip to the Visitor’s Centre. This is well worth a visit, it suits all ages and the video shown at the beginning sets the scene perfectly for the tour round…..and by the way the cakes in the café are delicious!

Dynasty Death and Discovery

Until the next time…………